About us

In today's need to store larger amounts of data on hard disk drive media, it is easy to ignore that a simple disaster such as fire or water damage can bring a large company to its knees and a smaller company out of business. 

Consumers who want to safeguard their digital photo albums, music collections and other personal information, will sleep well knowing their data is safe from most natural and man-made disasters.

Prodico's KeepSafe Drives protect your data from: 

  • Fire - safe from typical house fires up to 1800 F for over 1 - 2 hours
  • Water - safe from sprinkler damage or other water leaks
  • Theft - bolted to the floor to deter the most insistent burglar
  • Shock - quake and shock protected to 1000+ pounds
  • Wireless - (option) to keep your drive away from prying eyes

You will like the convenience of fast, automatic or manual storage backup on your desktop.  Your accountants will appreciate the cost savings over expensive, Internet storage options.  Your IT specialist will like your data being stored in-house away from Internet hackers, phishers, and other prying eyes so prevalent today. 

Our vision is to provide you with the highest quality products at competitive market values and continually improve our products to meet your present and future needs.

Prodico is a secured government provider.